physics 131f

ct2 (question 2)

& the exam

spot the equation plugger
& another, V stands 4 wotever u need @ the time
think he's making fun've me ..
found it hard 2 mark this wrong
attention drawn 2wards the magnitude & direction bit
this balls not comin back
got the q wrong but the pic's kewl
'nuff said
straight line fit

k this's a maths exam but it's very special


physics 132s (2nd semester)

not catching what circuit diagrams are

pick a constant (this's the same guy):
dielectric, not permittivity (which's almost Coulomb's k, or did he get confused by the Eo?)
exponential, not charge

sadistic friends/mocking me again
the saga continues ..
scientific notation?
and the other side
my class's got such wonderful names
& AGAIN! this time with impeccable english
maybe i haveta heat the paper
velocity? of a wave on a string??
proof that i'm the best tutor
couldn't resist
another artist
and variables were born

the exam

voltage flow
almost as far as infinity (it's possible i may b the only 1 who finds this funny)
the *only* equation not on the formula sheet
interactive marking
a new state of matter
& a new state of english ..
identity crisis
looks like he was getting somewhere
news 2 me

the supp

you know they say it won't do any harm to guess?
well they forgot to mention it'd get you dragged through the net
the hint is just encouraging them (yep, the same guy)
tunneling capacitors

honours electrodynamics

calculator troubles
compact notation? a feynman??

some chemisty exam (i didn't mark this)

graph shape
aliens ..